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As Treasurer Kaump would return to the Office programs she previous administered, considers crucial.

(Madison, WI) Cynthia Kaump officially announces today her plan to restore the “Childhood Literacy Program” in the Office of the State Treasure if elected. This is one of many programs that was shut down under the current State Treasurer.

“Decades of research supports the fact, children with a minimal baseline of financial education perform better with their credit scores, earn more income, and overall are much more successful in life. This is why financial literacy is crucial for our children’s futures.” Said Kaump.

The program would be modeled on one she pioneered as Director of Communications and Community Outreach for the State Treasurer in 2012. It was intended for children preschool aged through high school. This included distributing piggy banks to help pre-school students learn basic savings and teaching high school students to balance a digital checkbook and prepare a basic tax return. In 2017, the Wisconsin legislature took
notice of the program’s success and passed a bi-partisan law requiring financial literacy in all Wisconsin state’s 400 school districts.

Wisconsin received a grade of “F” for its lackluster commitment to financial literacy according to the Champlain College Center for Financial Literacy in 2017. The restoration of the Childhood Literacy Program program can be done within the Office, and will result in no new costs to the taxpayer. Kaump’s direct experience managing such programs and concrete plans for how to return and expand them to the Office of State Treasurer is one of the thing she feels sets her apart as a candidate.

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