The head of a Wisconsin-based company that implanted computer chips in its employees has big plans.

“Yes, it’s an implant in your hand, and that scares a lot of you, but we put sensors in cars, we put sensors everywhere,” said Patrick McMullan, president of River Falls-based Three Square Market. “Don’t be so afraid to put a sensor in you to help you life a better life.”

He spoke yesterday at a luncheon held by the Wisconsin Technology Council in Madison. Tom Still, president of the Tech Council, noted “a lot of scientists, a lot of observers took a look at this over time and said, ‘Well, it was only a matter of time’ — they just didn’t know it was going to be in River Falls.”

Three Square Market, which uses chip technology for various corporate functions, captured the national media’s attention last year when it was announced that its employees would have the option to get tiny microchips implanted under the skin. These allow them to use their own hand like an ID badge, providing a higher level of security.

About 70 employees have decided to have the chips implanted so far, and others benefit from the quick scanning and security by wearing wristbands containing these chips. About 95 percent of employees are chipped or sport the wristband, McMullan says.

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