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(MADISON, WI) – Conflicting stories surround Sarah Godlewski’s return to the State of Wisconsin and they all have one theme in common: no one knows when she officially moved to Wisconsin. In March of 2018, she claimed that starting her own business allowed her to move to Wisconsin1.

That turns out to be false.

It has been recently uncovered that she moved back to Wisconsin in the summer of 2016 to work as a Deputy Political Director for Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful bid for President2. While her husband started their business, she worked as a full-time, paid political operative for the Clinton campaign. Prior to then, she was a government employee in Colorado3,4. It turns out, the last time that she lived in Wisconsin was when she graduated high school in 2000.

In comparison, Travis Hartwig, the Republican running for State Treasurer has called Wisconsin Home since May 16, 2003, when his family choose to move from Illinois to Wisconsin in search of a better life. Travis was 9 years old at the time.

“Wisconsin is my home” said Travis Hartwig, Republican candidate for State Treasurer. “This is where I went to school, graduated college, started a career and proposed to my fiancée. Outsiders may come here and think that they can buy an election but I have faith in my fellow Wisconsin voters. I am dedicated to serving our great state and my community.”

Both candidates are running for the Office of State Treasurer. The general election will be held on Tuesday, November 6.

Sarah Godlewski has attempted to buy this election from the start. She and her husband have sunk over $150,000 of their own money into the race while her campaign has actively pursued donors from outside of Wisconsin.

Hartwig, who grew up in East Troy, WI, holds a double major in Finance and Business Economics from Carroll University. He was a Mutual Fund Administrator at U.S. Bank Fund Services in downtown Milwaukee and owns a home in Oak Creek, WI.

Travis Hartwig is running for State Treasurer as a life-long conservative that believes Wisconsin taxpayers need a watchdog. He will use his experience to make the office more efficient and find ways to cut government spending because he believes that you do a better job of spending your hard-earned money than the government does.

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