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Today, Scott Walker will speak to his base at the Republican Party of Wisconsin convention in Milwaukee. He’ll undoubtedly paint a rosy a picture of the last seven years of his tenure and tell the people of Wisconsin that they need to vote for him or risk losing everything he’s accomplished for the select special interest groups that have kept him in office. Today, Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Andy Gronik, issued the following statement in anticipation of Gov. Scott Walker’s speech today:

“Let’s break down what Scott Walker is preparing to say today. Walker’s pitching to all the Wisconsinites who are working harder and longer for less pay thanks to his attacks on working people and their wages that they should say, ‘Thank you, sir, four more years of the same, please.” I don’t think so. And, for all the families hoping their kids will get a great education despite his choking off public schools and the UW-System, I guess they should just be grateful that Walker hasn’t privatized all of our public learning institutions altogether. Again, I don’t think so. For those who have lost their healthcare insurance, those who have to worry about the purity of their drinking water, those who have had their right to free speech has been threatened, and the family ties and friendships that have been severed due to Walker’s divisive attacks, favoritism, and toxic brand of politics — I guess they should be thankful they’re still living in the state unlike so many of our young people who are leaving in droves.

“When I beat Scott Walker in November, we will have ‘adiosed’ a governor who has taken $3.5 million from the NRA and turned a deaf ear to a movement to prevent our children from being slaughtered in schools all over the country. We’ll have removed a governor whose Unintimidated PAC raised $20 million dollars while he intimated school teachers. And, we’ll finally say goodbye to a governor who has methodically attacked Wisconsin values in deference to wealthy special interests and large multinational corporations like Foxconn to whom he’s awarded billions in taxpayer dollars.

“Walker has broken our system. I believe Wisconsinites deserve a Wisconsin That Works. And, that’s exactly what they’re going to get when, together, we give Scott Walker his pink slip in the fall and welcome fresh leadership with the Gronik Administration. My plans are optimistic, pragmatic, and aim to bring people together to build on Wisconsin’s strengths – not divide them. Together, we’re going to create family-sustaining jobs in science, technology, manufacturing, and agriculture by becoming the best in the world at the industries that support life around the planet. Together, we will invest in our public schools & make them the very best choice for all kids. Together, we’ll innovatively create a healthcare system that leads the nation in providing affordable care for everyone in our state. Wisconsinites will be able to enjoy clean drinking water, enjoy our natural resources and outdoors traditions, and support our neighbors once again regardless of their politics. As a state, we’ll return to treating all people equally while respecting the fact that the things that make us different are what make us stronger as a state — not weaker as Scott Walker would have you believe.

“When I beat Walker, Wisconsin government begins working for all of the people who live here and not just the special interests who pay Walker to carry their water. It’s time for a Wisconsin That Works and a governor who will fight to make living here better for everyone. I’ll be that governor. Adios, Governor Walker.”

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