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MADISON – Governor Scott Walker traveled to Wausau and Menomonie today to discuss his proposed Child Tax Credit Rebate with families from around Wisconsin. During his 2018 State of the State address, Governor Walker introduced his plan that would provide $100 for every child living at home under 18. If passed, parents would receive a check in the mail this year, and a permanent refundable Child Tax Credit that would be created for 2018 and beyond.

“If we have a government surplus, that money should go back to hardworking Wisconsinites. That’s why we are proposing a Child Tax Credit Rebate that would give families $100 for every child living at home under age 18,” said Governor Walker. “That’s money that parents can use for school supplies, a new coat, books to help them at school, or a co-pay at the dentist. We know Wisconsin families sometimes face challenges making ends meet, and this tax credit could help these families.”

Wisconsin finished this past fiscal year with a more than half-billion-dollar surplus, and the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau recently announced that the current state budget is expected to end with an even larger than expected surplus.

The tax cut is estimated at $122.1 million per year, a quarter of a billion-dollar tax cut to families in this budget over the next two years.

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