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December 5, 2018

Weekly Radio Address: The Administrative Rule Process
Madison…Rep. Joan Ballweg (R-Markesan) focuses on the administrative rule process in the Weekly Radio Address for Wisconsin State Republicans.

Hello, I’m State Representative Joan Ballweg, Assembly Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Review of Administrative Rules.

When you think about the legislative process, you may recall the old Schoolhouse Rock! classic, I’m Just a Bill. It’s a great illustration of how a bill becomes a law. But did you know that Wisconsin’s Administrative Code also has the effect of law?

There are over 1,800 administrative rule chapters in Wisconsin. Each rule must go through a long journey starting with a scope statement, the outline of what the rule should do, and initial drafting prepared by the agency. Next the rule goes to the Legislative Council Clearinghouse for review, followed by a public hearing and public comment period – where you can provide feedback. After the final agency review, the rule heads back to the legislature for committee review in each house and then to the Joint Committee on Review of Administrative Rules. After all that, the rule goes back to the agency, to be submitted to the Legislative Reference Bureau for formatting and publication.

To learn more about the administrative rules process, visit the legislature’s website at Thanks for listening!”

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