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(Big Bend, WI) – Matt Flynn, Democratic candidate for Governor and Navy veteran, called out Wisconsin GOP Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson for disrespecting the men and women who wore our nation’s uniform.

“Every man and woman who puts their life on the line to defend our liberty and our flag deserves to be honored and respected,” said Flynn. “What makes America great is our diversity of opinion and our ability to come together for a common purpose. I stand with all of my sisters and brothers that served, regardless of what party they are in.”

“I question Nicholson’s ‘cognitive thought process’ in embracing the party that has allowed Vladimir Putin and the Russians to infiltrate our government,” Flynn continued. “I also question his values in leaving the party that stands up for working people and choosing the party that cares only for millionaires and billionaires. After all, there are far more veterans in union halls than in hedge fund board rooms.”

Earlier today, Nicholson attacked military veterans who are Democrats, making the outrageous and offensive claim that they have “wholesale rejected the Constitution and the values it was founded upon.”

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