Dem guv candidate Tony Evers is pledging to invest more money in education while taking a shot at Foxconn in his first TV ad.

The 30-second TV ad features the state superintendent talking to a room full of supporters, saying the way to beat Gov. Scott Walker is creating “a stronger vision for our future.”

“Instead of investing a billion dollars in handouts to companies like Foxconn, I’m going to invest in our kids and our workers,” he said.

The ad then shows shots of Evers interacting with students and parents on a playground, as the narrator says Evers as guv would invest in public education, early childhood and technical training.

“What’s best for our kids is best for our state,” Evers says to end the ad. “That’s why I’m going to make sure that every kid gets a great school no matter what the zip code.”

The ad will start airing tomorrow, according to the campaign.

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