Evers Seen As Best Candidate To Beat Scott Walker

MADISON – The first publicly-released survey of the Democratic primary for Governor of Wisconsin shows State Superintendent Tony Evers with a massive 18-point lead over the rest of the primary field.

Democratic Primary Vote
Tony Evers 29%
Kathleen Vinehout 11%
Paul Soglin 10%
Matt Flynn 5%
Mahlon Mitchell 5%
Mike McCabe 5%
Dana Wachs 4%
Andy Gronik 2%
Kelda Roys 2%
Undecided 28%

In a 9-person field of candidates, Evers garners 29% of the vote, while only two other candidates, Kathleen Vinehout (11%) and Paul Soglin (10%) attract double-digit support.  Evers leads by double-digits in every major media market, including a 12-point lead over Paul Soglin in the Madison market. In addition to winning 34% of the vote in Madison, Evers is supported by 25% of primary voters in the Milwaukee market (leading Flynn by 19 points and Gronik by 22 points), 32% in the Wausau/Eau Claire/La Crosse markets (leading Vinehout by 17 and Wachs by 26 points), and 33% in the Green Bay market.

After voters are read a short description of all 9 candidates, Evers’ lead increases from 18 to 21 points.

Months of negative attacks by Walker have done little to dent Evers’ image.  His strength is reflected in his overwhelmingly favorable image among primary voters, among whom 60% view him favorably and only 9% view him unfavorably.  Other candidates tested were far less known and far less liked than Evers.

“This poll confirms what we’ve been hearing around the state – Democratic primary voters know that Tony Evers’ record of standing up to Scott Walker to defend our public schools, fighting against Walker’s $4,000,000,000 Foxconn deal and his proven ability to win statewide elections make him the best choice to fix the state after 8 years of Walker mismanagement,” said campaign manager Nathan Henry.

Candidate Most Likely To Beat   Scott Walker
Tony Evers 35%
Paul Soglin 10%
Kathleen Vinehout 7%
Matt Flynn 7%
Mike McCabe 6%
Mahlon Mitchell 3%
Andy Gronik 2%
Kelda Roys 2%
Dana Wachs 2%
Undecided 26%

Evers is easily seen as the candidate most likely to beat Scott Walker in November.  When voters were asked, “Regardless of who you might vote for, working from the same list of choices, which candidate do you think has the best chance of beating Scott Walker in November,” 35% chose Evers – 25 points higher than Soglin (10%), with no other candidate exceeding single digits.

“In order to beat Scott Walker in November, Democrats must field the strongest candidate possible,” Henry said.  “By a significant margin, Democratic primary voters believe Tony and his record of achievement for Wisconsin make him the candidate with the best chance of defeating Walker.”

The survey of 747 likely Democratic primary voters was conducted by Public Policy Polling from January 8-10, 2018.  The survey was called using IVR technology.  The margin of error is +/- 3.6%.  Full details of the poll can be found here.

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