U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy told GOP activists he had a phone call with President Trump and told him there’s too much winning.

Duffy, R-Weston, joked with activists it was hard to get in a word edgewise whenever he’s on the phone with the president. But Duffy said he managed to tell Trump it’s impressive that five of the top ISIS leaders were captures, three American prisoners have been returned home from North Korea, unemployment is down, economic optimism is up and tax revenues are on the upswing.

“I said Mr. President, ‘I’ll tell you what. We’re winning so much, I’m actually get sick of winning. There’s too much winning,’” Duffy recalled.

He said the president assured him, “we’re not done winning.”

Duffy praised the president for America’s move to energy independence, saying he’s happy when filling up his tank that his money is going to North Dakota, not to people who cage, burn and behead people.

He also recounted how his mom, a major Bernie Sanders backer, was impressed with Trump’s stance toward North Korea and the results it has produced.

“Even my mom is giving credit to Donald Trump,” he said.

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