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MADISON – Department Secretary Cathy Jess, who began her career as a correctional officer, today announced that the Wisconsin Department of Corrections will be hosting local career fairs throughout the state of Wisconsin between August 13th and 30th as part of the Department’s ongoing efforts to recruit workers for critical public safety positions.

During these career fairs, interested individuals will have the opportunity to meet with Department human resources staff for resume assistance, application completion, and immediate interviews.

“When I started as a correctional officer more than 30 years ago, I didn’t imagine that I would be standing here today leading our agency,” said Secretary Jess. “To anyone considering a career with competitive pay, great benefits, the chance to make a difference, and plenty of opportunities for advancement, I encourage you to consider the Department of Corrections. My career has allowed me to work throughout Wisconsin in a number of different roles, all for the Department of Corrections.”

The Department of Corrections is hiring correctional officers and sergeants for facilities in all parts of Wisconsin. Applicants who are hired will receive seven weeks of paid training before starting at a correctional facility and on-the-job training with an experienced officer or sergeant at the facility where they will be working. All permanent employees are eligible for paid time off, sick leave, health insurance, and retirement benefits.

“I am incredibly passionate about public safety and want a career that is rewarding. Coming from a law enforcement background, I chose the Department of Corrections because the options for advancement are limitless,” said correctional officer Stephanie Butzer, who completed training in May 2018 and works at Redgranite Correctional Institution. “While I was nervous the first time I stepped into a prison, the confidence I have in my fellow officers and the training I received quickly made me feel comfortable with my choice. I’m excited to keep learning and advance upwards in my career in corrections.”

“I chose to become a correctional officer because I’m interested in protecting the public,” said correctional officer Ashley Roux, who completed training in March 2017 and works at Jackson Correctional Institution. “I’m not sure where my career will take me, and starting as a correctional officer is a good chance to identify potential career options. I enjoy the flexibility of the position, with a number of different shifts and locations, both within Jackson and across Wisconsin. As someone who is just starting their career, having a retirement plan started puts me ahead of many of my friends. The training I received did a great job of building my physical and mental toughness so I was prepared to step into a prison. As a woman in corrections, I know my fellow staff are there to support me and I’ve never felt alone or uncomfortable on the job. When I first started, I wasn’t sure if I would stay, but after a year, I’ve definitely decided to make it my career.”

“I graduated with a college degree in law enforcement and was often one of 100 or more applicants applying for a single position at a police department,” said correctional officer Todd Williams, who completed training in April 2018 and works at Racine Correctional Institution. “I started looking at other public safety jobs and came across an opening for correctional officer. My wife and I decided I should apply because the benefits were better than my current job and it was time for me to start a career. The pre-service academy was a great experience and I gained much-needed knowledge from the instructors, who have a great passion for teaching recruits. While there have been challenges since I started, I’ve quickly learned that if I follow my training and work as a team, we will be successful.”

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