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Father of overdose victim speaks to Dallet’s compassion for victims and their families

MILWAUKEE, WI – Today, Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge Rebecca Dallet released the first advertisement in the Spring 2018 Wisconsin Supreme Court campaign. Judge Dallet will run the 30-second ad, titled “Standing Up for Victims: Mike’s Story,” to a broad statewide audience beginning today.

The ad features Mike Kiefer and his daughter Maddie, a 15-year-old who was given a lethal combination of opioids by a 22-year-old man. Following the lethal overdose, Maddie Kiefer’s body was moved by the man and his father in an attempted cover-up. Judge Dallet presided over the case, and then sentenced him to prison when he pled guilty.

“I think Judge Dallet was out here looking to find justice,” says Kiefer in the in the ad. “She sought the truth, she found the truth, she advocated for the truth.”

Kiefer adds, “I look at her as someone who would be a great asset to the citizens of Wisconsin” on the Supreme Court.

The ad can be seen here:

“Judge Dallet has spent more than 20 years in Wisconsin’s judicial system ensuring justice for victims of violent crimes, domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse, uniquely preparing her for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court,” said Jessica Lovejoy, Dallet’s campaign manager.

“When lives are on the line, we cannot risk inexperience to protect our values on the bench of Wisconsin’s highest court,” continued Lovejoy. “Wisconsin needs Judge Dallet for her experience, her compassion, and her convictions to ensure the Supreme Court is a place where the rules are the same for everyone and that no one is above the law.”


Elected in 2008 and re-elected in 2014, Judge Rebecca Dallet currently serves on the Milwaukee County Circuit Court. She has spent the past 23 years working in Wisconsin courtrooms – first as a prosecutor and now as judge presiding over more than 10,000 cases and more than 230 jury trials in a wide range of areas from domestic violence and misdemeanor court, to homicide and drug court, and civil and small claims court. Judge Dallet is running to protect our Wisconsin values during a time when our most basic rights are under attack. She lives in Whitefish Bay with her husband, Brad, and their three teenage daughters.

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