May 22, 2018
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Campaigning to take away thousands of new Wisconsin jobs

[Madison, WI] — Senator Shilling and the Democrat caucus are continuing their anti-job tour throughout Wisconsin. Sadly, the rhetoric from Wisconsin Democrats is largely aimed at taking away thousands of new jobs for our state. The Committee to Elect a Republican Senate released the following statement today from Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald:

“It’s one thing to vote no on a bill in the legislature because you don’t agree with the public policy, and another to hope, pray, and hold rallies cheering for Wisconsin workers to fail.

“Mercury Marine in Fond du Lac County is thriving, thanks to the bipartisan work of Governor Jim Doyle and Republicans in the legislature. That’s how we work together in Wisconsin to get things done for hard-working families. Apparently, today’s Democrats do not believe in fighting for a more prosperous Wisconsin.

“Senator Shilling and Wisconsin Democrats are crossing their fingers and hoping that Foxconn and Southeastern Wisconsin fail. The Senator and her caucus have sunk to a new low in trying to appease their far-Left base – even if it means costing Wisconsin thousands of new jobs. It is disgusting.”

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