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RACINE, WI – Randy Bryce for Congress Campaign Manager David Keith released the following statement on Bryan Steil’s first TV ad.

“Yet again, it’s clear that corporate attorney Bryan Steil is eager to lie to working families in Southeast Wisconsin. Bryan claims he doesn’t care much about insider Washington politics—but as a former Capitol Hill staffer (and driver) Bryan has been groomed for years to head to Washington to join the politicians he so admires. Bryan’s just another rubber stamp for the shameful special interest agenda that has taken control of Washington. I am not sure what type of ‘Wisconsin style solutions’ Bryan is talking about, but adding a trillion dollars to the deficit by giving a massive tax cut to the millionaires and billionaires is not what the people in this district need or want. What working families in Southeast Wisconsin need is access to affordable healthcare and the social security they have been promised for years—not another politician that lies to their face.”

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