CONTACT: Lauren Hitt
[email protected]

RACINE, WI – Democratic congressional candidate Randy Bryce released the following statement on the stopgap funding bill passed by Congress today. Bryce is challenging Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District.

“The last few days were D.C. dysfunction at its worse. Children’s health insurance, Dreamers and our military were used as bargaining chips and talking points in a 48-hour blame game. And while the government is now open, at least for the next several weeks, Dreamers still don’t know if they will be forced to leave the only country they’ve ever known. Ever since Donald Trump ended DACA in September, Dreamers have waited through rounds and rounds of insider political games, only to be told each time that they need to wait a little longer. They have waited long enough. It’s time for them to be the priority, not the bargaining chip. We have to pass a clean DACA bill, now. An open government does little good if it remains as dysfunctional as it has been.”

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