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RACINE – Randy Bryce released the following statement regarding the Santa Fe High School shooting:

“This is shameful and yet another tragedy that could likely have been prevented. The school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas is the latest example of the dangerous and systemic issue we face in our country, and it’s reached epidemic proportions. Too many politicians who are in the pocket of the gun lobby have said that anyone who speaks up for comprehensive and common sense gun reform is politicizing the situation–I don’t think demanding our children be safe is politicizing anything–it’s what we should expect from our elected officials.”

“This could have been my son– this could have been any of our children. Our hearts go out to the kids and families at Santa Fe High School, but that is not enough. This is the third shooting in the past 8 days, and the twenty-second shooting in 2018 (citation)–and it’s only May. Children all over the country are terrified to go to school–they don’t want our thoughts and prayers. They want real reform. We can’t keep kicking the can down the road when it comes to their safety. The time for talk has long passed–every one of us has to decide: will you stand with those politicians and the gun lobby who put profits over people, or will you stand for the safety and security of our children.”

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