U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin released a new TV ad today featuring employees of Fairbanks Morse Engine in Beloit touting legislation she introduced to ensure taxpayer dollars go toward building U.S. military ships in America.

The spot, which is running on broadcast and cable TV, features several employees of Fairbanks, including Bill Flory, who’s worked at the company for 10 years. He opens the spot saying a ship can’t move without an engine before Pam Densch, who’s worked there seven years, says, “And American naval ships cannot move without us.”

“Thank to Tammy Baldwin, that’s how it’s going to stay,” says Bob Churchill, who’s worked for the company for 52 years.

Jason Voss, who’s been with the company less than a year, then touts the Madison Dem’s effort to make sure ships for America’s armed forces are made in the U.S. Fred Stewart, who’s been with the company two years says, “And that means thousands of jobs.”

“Tammy Baldwin has been a fierce fighter for keeping jobs here in America,” Flory says before Densch closes the spot, “She’s backed us 100 percent.”

The campaign is not saying how much it spent on the ad buy.

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