One of Tammy’s opponents just attacked her — calling her a “terrorist.”

Yes, you read that right — this is absolutely ridiculous.

XXXX, we’d rather not spend time talking about gutter politics, but this latest attempt to go after Tammy is a whole new low. Even right wing pundits are distancing themselves.

Take a stand right now. Help Tammy fight the absurd smears and lies coming from the other side. Give $5 or more.


People are hungry for a different kind of politics — so we’re not going to get down in the gutter with our opponent. Wisconsin deserves a Senator who is focused on bridging the divide and bringing people together on the issues that matter most.

That person is, and has consistently been, Tammy.

Republicans and their special interest allies have decided on the tone they want to take in the coming months — but this campaign will keep doing what we’ve been doing from the start by building a grassroots movement full of folks who believe in a different kind of politics.

If you’re with Tammy, she needs to know you have her back right now. Make a contribution today.

Don’t brush this off.

Team Baldwin

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