Contact: Phil Anderson

Anderson for WI Governor

Phone:  608-361-8608

Email:    [email protected]

 Madison, WI, July 19th, 2018 – Libertarian Party candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor will be accepting campaign donations in Bitcoin, starting July 19th, via

“We’ve set up a BTC donation portal, using FEC compliant BitPay,” stated Phil Anderson, Libertarian candidate for Governor. “We gave an opportunity for the WEC to rule, and they chose not to. We believe that based on the current statute, Bitcoin donations are allowable, as Bitcoin is, in fact, money. Some of the commissioners said so themselves.”

On April 24th, Anderson spoke to the Wisconsin Ethics Commission, requesting guidance regarding cryptocurrency donations to campaigns. Current rules only allow for monetary and tangible assets as donations, although the previous rules did allow for intangible donations as well. The Wisconsin Ethics Commission declined to decide, forwarding the request for guidance to the Wisconsin State Assembly for further action. The Federal Elections Commission began allowing donations in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 2014.

“We will comply, and be in compliance, with every donation limit and reporting requirement,” continues Anderson. “We will not allow the lack of appropriate interpretation of the current statute affect the First Amendment rights of those who want to show support and contribute. I have no faith in the Assembly to handle this fairly nor expeditiously. In the interests of the rights of our supporters, and in full knowledge that we are in compliance, we will begin receiving Bitcoin donations as of the approximately the 15th of July, on our website”

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