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ADRC of Brown County to hold Celebration Event Wednesday, July 25, 9 a.m.

Green Bay, WI – ADRC of Brown County announced today the wait for 3,164 persons who needed long-term care services is a thing of the past. Over the past three years, ADRC has been dedicated to helping these older adults and persons with disabilities move off the wait list to the Family Care or IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct) program of their choice.  It’s been a long wait and a win-win for both taxpayers and persons on wait lists. Family Care and IRIS programs are long-term care programs that help frail elders and adults with disabilities get the services they need to remain in their homes. This comprehensive and flexible program offers services to foster independence and quality of life for members while recognizing the need for interdependence and support.

ADRC of Brown County will hold an event to celebrate Wednesday, July 25th at 9:00 a.m. at the Grounded Café inside ADRC at 300 S. Adams Street, Green Bay, WI.  County Executive Troy Streckenbach, along with individuals & families currently utilizing Family Care/IRIS dollars, will join Devon Christianson, ADRC Director, in celebrating this milestone for the community.

These 3,164 Brown County residents currently rely on the Family Care and IRIS programs to get the personal care supports they need for daily functioning.  Providing this care in their homes gives them choice and provides dignity through the ability to live, work, and be an active part of the Brown County community.

Ms. Christianson, ADRC Director, states: “These programs reduce isolation and help our vulnerable neighbors stay active members of our community. With the growing number of older adults and adults with disabilities in our community, this funding and local support has never been more important.”

Family Care/IRIS programs not only provide a cost savings, but a priceless impact. As one older adult explained, “Every day an older person stays out of the nursing home, they save $241- that is $87, 965 a year! Every day a person stays out of a nursing home and lives at home is priceless to them.”

ADRC of Brown County is the entry point for application and enrollment into Family Care & IRIS programs.  These programs are designed to help persons who meet the financial and functional requirements get the help they need.

For more information, visit Through its many programs, the Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) of Brown County provides the opportunity for persons to take a self-educated, proactive and personal approach to select services that maximize choice & maintain independence. Whether a person has $1 million dollars, or just $1 dollar, they still need to know what services are available, and how to pay for those services, in order to stay independent and active in the community. The ADRC is here to help them live their best possible life.

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