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Today, Scott Walker is holding multiple events to promote his $100 child tax election year gimmick rebate on the final day for families to apply. DPW’s response:

“Scott Walker owes families a lot more than $100 to make up for his disastrous policies that have hit working families in the wallet for 7 long years. Our schools face a teacher shortage and funding crisis, our insurance premiums are going up, and our roads are so bad that the average Wisconsin driver is forced to spend $640 a year on car repair.

“Meanwhile, Walker’s huge giveaways to giant corporations like Foxconn and his tax cuts for millionaires have steered even more money away from our schools, healthcare, and roads. Election year gimmicks — no matter how many days Governor Walker spends on the road promoting them — won’t fool Wisconsin families who know the truth that they can’t afford Governor Walker’s policies anymore.” — TJ Helmstetter, Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson for 2018 governor race


  • For the past seven years, Scott Walker has made historic cuts to Wisconsin’s K-12 public schools, to the UW system, and to Wisconsin’s technical colleges. Walker’s failure to fund our public schools has resulted in school referendums passing at record rates — which means increased taxes at the local level — and school debt skyrocketing to $1.35 billion.
  • On top of that, Walker’s attacks on teachers have led to extreme teacher shortages in districts across the state. A recent study shows a 54% shortage for math teachers and a 50% shortage for science teachers.
  • The average Wisconsin driver spends nearly $640 a year on car repairs as a result of damage caused by poor conditions on Walker’s roads
  • Reports show the state is shifting $90 million from state highway projects as part of the $4.5 billion Foxconn deal.
  • Walker’s tax cuts have been “Slanted in Favor of those with Highest Incomes.”
    • The top 1% received 24% of the tax cuts in 2017, totalling $420 million in that year alone
    • Top 20% account for 60% of tax cuts ($1.0 billion)
  • In 2017, Walker’s “Manufacturing and Agricultural Tax Credit” (MAC) gave $22 million to 11 ultra-wealthy individuals who make over $30 million each.
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