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DATE: Tuesday, August 29th, 2017
TIME: 4:30p to 8:30pm
LOCATION: Zeidler Center for Public Discussion,

631N 19th St.
Milwaukee, WI 53233

Bee the Change, a program housed in Redeemer Lutheran Church downtown Milwaukee
is adding an exciting and productive dimension to the Marquette University
neighborhood. Besides adding a mural to the western wall out of the Church, the
organization will be having a series of events, starting with this community dinner and

This event will feature a honey themed meal, an opportunity to visit to Redeemer’s
rooftop hives, and a community dialogue on food justice facilitated by the Zeidler Center
for Public Discussion. The program will highlight the importance of bees in our eco
system, and how we can learn lessons from the hive and apply them to our communities
and our consumer choices.

Although the program is free, online registration is required to reserve a timeslot to visit
the rooftop hives. Visit for more information and

Bee the Change is a four-way partnership between the Zeidler Center for Public
Discussion, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Midnight Run and Beevanglists that works to
empower meal program guests and community members to become proficient in
beekeeping and dialogue facilitation.

To learn more visit


contact Libby Maddox (information above)

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