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[Madison, WI] — The Senate passed its version of a tax reform bill today that will provide real relief from Washington for Wisconsinites. To no surprise, Senator Tammy Baldwin voted against tax cuts for hard-working Wisconsin families – siding once again with Washington special interests.

“Today’s bill is a step towards giving hard-working Wisconsin families real tax relief – yet Tammy Baldwin opposed this opportunity and sided with big-government special interests yet again,” said Mark Morgan, Executive Director for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Republicans are committed to putting Wisconsin first, while this vote makes clear that Senator Baldwin is more interested in picking Washington over Wisconsin.”

Hard-Working Wisconsin Families Win Big with New Tax Cuts

– According to the most recent study from the Tax Foundation, the Senate bill is estimated create over 18,000 new jobs in Wisconsin
– Hard-working Wisconsin families will see an estimated $2,632 increase in after-tax income.
– Additionally, the new plan will grow the economy by 3.7 percent.

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