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[Madison, WI]— Senator Baldwin raised eyebrows last week when she became the only senator up for reelection in a state President Trump won to cosponsor Bernie Sanders’ radical government-run health care plan. While other embattled Democrats are running away from government-run health care and its estimated $32 trillion price tag, Senator Baldwin is embracing it with open arms.

Check out what some red-state Democrats up for reelection in 2018 are saying about government-run health care – does Senator Baldwin disagree with them?

Senator Claire McCaskill, Missouri: “…irresponsible of us to expand the program that is driving the debt the most in a way that is unsustainable financially for this country.”

Senator Debbie Stabenow, Michigan: “I’m glad that colleagues are putting out an aspirational goal for the future…For me, I want to focus on those things that right now I think I can achieve…”

Senator Joe Manchin, West Virginia: “I am skeptical that single-payer is the right solution…”

Senator Sherrod Brown, Ohio: “right now, I’m focused on building bipartisan support for my bill to allow people to buy into the Medicare program at age 55”

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