Scheduled Events

MATC (Milwaukee Area Technical College)

700 W. State Street, Room M605

The event will include:

  • Address by Janos Marton, New York City #Close Rikers Campaign
  • MSDF Documentary Premiere, by independent film maker Tim Coursen
  • Panel Discussion led by EX-Prisoners Organizing (EXPO)
  • Participants will process to MSDF (3 blocks) for a Prayer Vigil for those who have died in captivity in MSDF.

People who are incarcerated at MSDF suffer extreme heat, poor ventilation, no outdoor recreation, being locked down for 22 hours a day, no in-person visits, and other abuses. All of this is for people who have not been convicted of new crimes and, in most cases, have not even been charged with new crimes.

James Wilborn, who was an EXPO leader, died in Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility during the summer of 2015. The extreme heat at MSDF was a factor in his death, as was his inability to obtain medications that he needed. He should never have been incarcerated there.

EXPO calls Governor Walker to face the fact that crimeless revocation – the practice of re-incarcerating people on probation, parole, and extended supervision for minor rule violations – is a failed policy, a waste of money, and an embarrassment to Wisconsin.

A new Health Impact Assessment demonstrates that Wisconsin incarcerated 3,000 people for crimeless revocations in 2015.  But other states have found community-based sanctions for those who violate minor rules of their supervision that are much more effective and much less costly.

In 2001, the state of Wisconsin built the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility to house people who have allegedly violated extended supervision. This facility is used to unnecessarily incarcerate thousands of people who have not been convicted of new crimes.  It must close!
WISDOM:  Linking people of faith across Wisconsin to work for justice!

2821 N. Fourth Street, #537

Milwaukee, WI 53212

(414) 831-2070

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