Contact: Marina Dimitrijevic
[email protected]org

Wisconsin Working Families Party director Marina Dimitrijevic made the following statement in response to press reports that House Speaker Paul Ryan will retire after his current term.

“Paul Ryan has seen the writing on the wall, as well as the numbers in the polls. We have no doubt he is contemplating retirement to avoid the embarrassment of losing.

“Randy Bryce, an ironworker and member of the Working Families Party, has been forcing the national spotlight onto Paul Ryan’s single-minded obsession: stealing the wealth of the nation to give away to Wall Street and his wealthiest campaign donors. The massively unpopular tax bill that he engineered, a giveaway of trillions to the super-rich, could be enough to break him. His announced desire to pare back Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are the last straw. Those are deal-breakers for the vast majority of voters in every district.”

“Paul Ryan may cite all sorts of reasons for not running. But the truth is, he knows he may not withstand a challenge from Randy Bryce. Like voters in Alabama who just rejected a Republican in one of the reddest states in America, Wisconsinites are ready to the fire the man whose life’s work has been enriching the wealthiest Americans at the expensive of the rest of us.

“We are committed to ending Paul Ryan’s tenure in office, replacing him with Randy Bryce, and putting the power back in the hands of the people.”

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