Sen. Chris Larson- (608) 266-7505
Sen. Janet Bewley- (608) 266-3510

The following statement concerning the rush to pass Senate Bill 293 out of the Senate Committee on Education was offered by Senators Chris Larson and Janet Bewley:

Our public dollars are being spent on unproven, profit-motivated voucher schools. It is a slap in the face to Wisconsinites whose hard-earned tax dollars are funding these unaccountable schemes to have one day’s notice on a bill that directly impacts the way their public investments are being spent.

The State Legislature should be having conversations about the current state budget or at the least closing the $1000 per student deficit Republicans created between public and for-profit voucher schools. Instead of working to complete the budget, today committee members met to fix past details that were pushed through by voucher school lobbyists during prior budget cycles.

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