Conservationists, Local Leaders Call for Great Lakes Protection

GREEN BAY –  Conservationists and local leaders will gather on Tuesday, Nov. 14, in front of the Metro Boat Launch in Green Bay to highlight increasing threats to the Great Lakes and the local and national conservation champions working to protect them, like Brown County Board Supervisor Erik Hoyer and U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin.

Speakers will include Brown County Board Supervisor Erik Hoyer, Baird Creek Preservation Foundation President Charlie Frisk, and Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters Northeast Organizer Seth Hoffmeister.

Concern for the health of the Great Lakes is intensifying as serious threats at the state and national levels – like invasive species, the terrible Foxconn giveaway, and the possible rollback of the Clean Water Act – continue to mount.

The event comes as Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters’ national partner, the League of Conservation Voters, finishes a TV ad campaign in Green Bay detailing the importance of the Great Lakes and asking viewers to call Senator Baldwin asking her working to protect them.

WHAT: A brief press event to highlight the growing threats to the Great Lakes, how we can protect them, and to highlight those leading the charge.

WHEN: Tuesday, Nov. 14 at 11:30 a.m.

WHERE: Metro Boat Launch, 102 Bay Beach Road, Green Bay

WHO: Charlie Frisk, Baird Creek Preservation Foundation President; Erik Hoyer, Brown County Board Supervisor; Seth Hoffmeister, Northeast Organizer, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters

INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITIES: All speakers will be available for comment after the presentation..

VISUALS: With a backdrop of Green Bay, conservationists will gather at the popular Metro Boat Launch to speak about threats to the Great lakes.

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