MADISON, Wis. – Yesterday, the Wisconsin State Assembly took action on two bills that target Wisconsin’s growing drug epidemic. Attorney General Schimel released the following statement applauding the Wisconsin Assembly’s actions.

“Fentanyl is a new, dangerous drug in Wisconsin that has begun to take hold in the state in recent years. The legislation passed in the Assembly this week will give us another tool to fight back against it. Meth, however is not new, but as trends in drug abuse change, so too does the way law enforcement fights back against these destructive substances. Thanks to Representatives Horlacher’s and Kleefish’s leadership in authoring this legislation, Wisconsin will be staying ahead of new trends in drug abuse. And Wisconsin DOJ will be there to support local law enforcement and communities as we take on the battle against addiction and substance abuse.”

Assembly Bill 306 tracks the sale of pseudoephedrine and blocks the drug’s illegal purchase by using an electronic monitoring system.

Assembly Bill 335 makes fentanyl analogs a Schedule I controlled substance.

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