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Hintz elected to Assembly minority leader post
… Hintz, 43, urged his colleagues to focus on unity and becoming an “effective voice for Democrats across Wisconsin,” following the vote on Tuesday. … “No one is going to hand us anything, and the pendulum of change sometimes needs a push,” Hintz told his fellow lawmakers. … Rep. Eric Genrich, D-Green Bay, described Hintz as an “incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, decent and hilarious guy” in his nomination speech. … “We have to double down on our efforts to expose Gov. Walker’s misaligned priorities and highlight the approaches we have prepared to build an economy that works for everyone,” Barca said. … “His willingness to lead is commendable and I stand ready to work alongside him to advance those values shared between our caucuses,” [GOP Leader] Steineke said. Senate Minority Leader Shilling looks “forward to working with Rep. Hintz as we look to expand economic opportunities, invest in local communities and create a level playing for everyone in Wisconsin.” RPW statement noted Hintz 2011 sexual misconduct citation, $2,032 fine, yelling in debate at then-Rep. LItjens, “You’re f—ing dead.” BY Opoien, CAPITAL TIMES

Budget bill passed but it’ll be [today] before GOP leader sends it to Walker
… On Monday morning, the governor requested that the budget bill be sent to him from the Assembly, but so far that hasn’t happened. “Governor Walker is ready to sign the budget as soon as we receive it from the state Assembly,” spokesman Tom Evenson said. … Roth signed the bill on Monday, but Vos still hasn’t. In an interview Tuesday, Vos said he was working in his popcorn factory Tuesday and will return to the Capitol Wednesday to sign the budget and get it to Walker. “I didn’t say to (Walker), ‘I’m not going to release the budget unless you do certain things.’ I don’t operate that way,” Vos said in an interview. Vos upset by veto promises used to get Senate votes, “When you change a process that’s worked for 50 years and you do it because someone threatens you, I don’t think that’s good.” Vetoes promised. Comparison with SOS LaFollette’s delaying Act 10. LRB’s Champagne comments. By Stein and Marley, MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL

State appeals court upholds right-to-work law
… The three-judge panel of the Wausau-based state District 3 Court of Appeals, led by Judge Mark Seidl … wrote that the right-to-work law “doesn’t ‘appropriate, transfer or encumber’ money contained in the unions’ treasuries. … does not require labor organizations to provide services to anyone.” … overturned a Dane County circuit judge’s [Foust’s] finding from April 2016 that the 2015 law, sometimes called Act 1, is unconstitutional. Plaintiff atty. Perillo had not yet seen the ruling, Gov. Walker, AG Schimel hailed the decision. By Treleven, WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL

With Foxconn Coming, Walker Isn’t Eager To Share Economic Bounty With IL
… Illinoisans had better hope that Gov. Bruce Rauner and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel of Chicago can lure Amazon’s “second headquarters” site to Chicago. Because to all those in the Land of Lincoln who hope that the Foxconn project they lost will still provide a windfall when it is located just to the north in Wisconsin, Walker is not saying kum-ba-yah. … “We believe that part of the reason Wisconsin was selected by Foxconn is because we’re ready,” Walker told me recently. “We got our act together, while Illinois is still floundering. … We think there’s such a difference between Illinois and Wisconsin in terms of our quality of life and economic stability, as well as the cost of living, that many of those people” who might work at Foxconn “will in short order end up moving to Wisconsin,” he said. “We’ve seen it with other employers in the Racine and Kenosha area. “So businesses are coming to Wisconsin, and people, too.” By Buss, FORBES

Ryan, White House reject bipartisan health fix
… Republicans say that while the bipartisan [Alexander-Murray] talks … initially seemed promising, many in the GOP fear … little for conservatives … Late on Tuesday, Alexander officially waved the white flag, for now at least. … could not find the “necessary consensus” … Murray said she was “committed” to moving forward eventually and blamed Republican leaders. VP Pence flew to WA with latest repeal sponsor Graham, “This is the moment. Now is the time.” Ryan and Trump called them during the plane ride as well. GOP claims Dems are not willing to bend enough. Dems reject that claim … intended to sink bipartisan negotiations, which needs 3 GOP-ers to sink Graham-Cassidy. Graham said McCain may support. McCain elsewhere said, “I have nothing to say.” Strong for Ryan: “Our focus is on repealing and replacing this failing law, and we are encouraged the Senate is making progress.” Bipartisan guvs including Bill Walker, Kasich, Sandoval, reject Graham-Cassidy, push for Alexander-Murray stabilizer. AMA also rejected destabilizing Graham-Cassidy. Other White House officials said Graham-Cassidy isn’t ideal, but a “final chance to actually get something done.” McConnell endorsed Graham-Cassidy, but did not commit to holding a vote. By Everett, Dawsey, Bade, POLITICO

Priebus fielding million dollar job offers post White House Scaramucci battle
… Priebus is fielding numerous corporate and legal job offers, including one to run the Washington D.C. office of the law firm Michael Best & Friedrich LLP … Priebus, a former partner at the firm, specialized in corporate law and litigation. … at least one of the jobs is said to offer a salary of $2 million and above. He has also been offered position on corporate boards and will likely to make a decision in mid-October … according to people with direct knowledge … Priebus declined to comment; a spokesman for Michael Best & Friedrich didn’t return a telephone call for comment. … Priebus has kept a low profile since leaving the Trump administration after a contentious seven-month tenure … Neither Scaramucci nor his spokesman responded to emails for comment. … “Priebus is unique because he had a standing in the Washington permanent government community beforehand,” [Dem consultant] Sheinkopf said. “Others may be different but for him clearly he’s not damaged by the experience.” BY Gasparino and Schwartz, FBN


– For Trump Aides Caught in Russia Probe, Legal Bills and Paranoia: analysis of Mueller probe, targets, including Priebus, Spicer, ex-campaign comm adviser turned Michael Caputo. Caputo comments.

– John Nichols: Trump’s First Speech Before the UN Was an Absurd, Bombastic Disaster, After the president tells the UN that the US can “totally destroy North Korea,” it is time for Congress to put the brakes on Trump.

– Hintz says he learned from past mistakes [AP]

– Gordon Hintz elected to lead Assembly Democrats [Beck]

– Assembly Democrats elect Hintz as minority leader

– Six questions for newly elected Assembly Democratic Leader Gordon Hintz of Oshkosh

– PolitiFact: In Context: Attacks on new Wisconsin Assembly Democratic leader … As he was running for reelection in 2014, Hintz told the Capital Times about the two incidents: “I’ve got to live with it. I’m in a better place in my personal life now, which makes a lot of things easier. … And on the day he was elected to the minority post, he apologized again for the incidents, saying: “While I can’t change the mistakes of my past, I can learn from them going forward.”

– Ryan to survey hurricane damage in Florida, Texas … Ryan [with Rubio] will visit Jacksonville, Miami and the Florida keys on Wednesday … meet [Coast Guard, FEMA] officials … Speaker will also have a similar visit to Texas this week. Trump has visited FL, TX, parts of LA, signed relief bill, issued emergency declarations.

– Paul Ryan to visit Florida and Texas to survey hurricane damage

– Harsdorf in talks to serve as Ag secretary … [Harsdorf, Walker] did not immediately return phone calls. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) said he was aware she was being considered for the post but didn’t say if she would get it.

– [Chair Wanggaard’s] Senate panel votes [3-2 party line] to allow concealed guns without permits … without getting training … and in some cases … onto school grounds. … would also allow people to carry Tasers without training or permits and would allow felons to carry muzzle loaders.

– Lawmakers advance bill allowing carrying hidden guns without permits, training [Beck of WSJ]

– State prescription regulations strengthen war against opioid epidemic … [DSPS Sec.] Gutierrez spoke to the Fort Atkinson Rotary Club Monday … Gutierrez did not shy away from labeling the opioid crisis as an epidemic, noting that the numbers of deaths associated with opioid overdoses has surpassed the number associated with AIDS. “In my own neighborhood, two of my neighbors have lost a 33-year-old son and a 20-year-old daughter to this epidemic,” she said. “This can happen to anyone.”

– Combating Child Abuse: States Take Action

– Rights advocate shares lessons of apartheid, Naomi Tutu: Understand everyone’s capacity for evil

– UWSP students uncertain about a future without DACA protection

– Evers asks Walker to veto education measures he calls bad for public school kids … in a nine-page letter to the governor, whom he is looking to unseat in the 2018 election. They include [voucher, charter expansion, permitting private schoolers to attend public school programs, limiting public school referenda, low-cost, fast-track online teacher licensing] … “I have significant concerns about the policy implications for many of the changes included in the budget bill — policies that are just bad for children in public schools,” Evers said in the letter. … Evenson said the governor is reviewing the budget. “All vetoes will be included in his veto message,” he said.

– Wisconsin resubmits school improvement plan for K-12 public schools, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has four months to approve, reject plan

– Madison’s Operation Fresh Start renovation provides learning opportunities for students

– Turner moves toward possible $26.8M referendum

– Police investigating student for school threat

– Ryan attends private fundraiser … at the Highland Country Club Tuesday afternoon. … [hosted by] big-time donor to Republicans, Fayetteville lawyer Terry Hutchens [at Team Ryan’s request] … benefits Team Ryan … closed to the public and news media. … [40-70] business leaders and other residents … attended [including U.S. Reps. Pittenger, Hudson, Rouzer, Fayetteville Mayor Robertson] … [Ryan] gave attendees an update on legislative efforts going on in Congress. Topics included healthcare, tax reform and foreign policy. … event lasted a little longer than an hour.

– GOP governors launch ‘news’ site that critics call propaganda … looks like a media outlet and is branded as such on social media. The Free Telegraph blares headlines about the virtues of GOP governors, while framing Democrats negatively. … “It’s propaganda for sure, even if they have objective standards and all the reporting is 100 percent accurate,” said Republican communications veteran Rick Tyler, whose resume includes Ted Cruz’s 2016 presidential campaign. … [RGA chair] Walker deferred questions through a spokesman to the group’s national staff. At RGA, spokesman Jon Thompson said the site is “just another outlet to share those positive results” of the GOP’s 34 Republican governors. … [U-Pa. prof. Hall Jamieson] said The Free Telegraph commits a form of “identity theft” by “appropriating the integrity of news” because “the form of news carries credibility” that blatantly partisan sites do not. … first test is in this fall’s Virginia governor’s race pitting Democratic nominee Ralph Northam against Republican Ed Gillespie. … Northam campaign spokesman David Turner accused Gillespie and Republicans of “creating their own Pravda” … Gillespie campaign declined comment, referring questions back to the RGA.

– [farmer] Mel Pittman seeks rematch as Sen. Kathleen Vinehout mulls run for governor … Mel Pittman, who lost to Vinehout by 3,191 votes in 2014, announced Wednesday that he is running for the 31st Senate district as a Republican.

– La Crosse Voting Rights Rally to stand against gerrymandering

– New Frontier In Corporate Incentives Are Toxic For Democracy And Justice

– Graham: Paul Ryan told me House would pass Senate Obamacare fix … “Paul Ryan told me to my face, ‘if you pass it, we pass it,'” Graham told reporters Tuesday. … “Mitch McConnell and the leadership has done everything we’ve asked and then some,” Graham said. “I spoke to Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House. He says, ‘I like it. You send it to the House, it’s gonna pass.'” … Senate Republicans emerged from their weekly caucus meeting on Tuesday optimistic … but … McConnell, R-Ky., stopped short of saying a vote would be held. … [Trump, Pence] have been calling Senate Republicans in a push to get the bill over the finish line by next week.

– Senators scrap bipartisan effort to stabilize Obamacare markets, saying no deal was possible … “We identified significant common ground and I made some tough concessions to move in Chairman Alexander’s direction when it comes to giving states more flexibility,” said Murray, the committee’s top Democrat. “I am disappointed that Republican leaders have decided to freeze this bipartisan approach and are trying to jam through a partisan Trumpcare bill” … Alexander indicated he is open to supporting a separate bill … introduced by Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., Bill Cassidy, R-La., Ron Johnson, R-Wis., and Dean Heller, R-Nev. — would keep much of the Obamacare tax structure in place but give the money to states in the form of block grants … “I would like to vote for Graham-Cassidy because I like block grants and it appears to be good for Tennessee,” Alexander said. Letter to McConnell, Schumer by Govs. Bill Walker, Sandoval, Hickenlooper, Kasich, Bullock, Wolf, McAuliffe, Phil Scott, Bel Edwards, Baker: “As you continue to consider changes to the American health care system, we ask you not to consider the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson amendment and renew support for bipartisan efforts to make health care more available and affordable for all Americans.” … “This is the last best chance for putting ourselves back on a path where states get greater control and we start improving our health care system,” Johnson said. … “Paul Ryan told me to my face, if you pass it, we pass it,” Graham told reporters Tuesday.

– PolitiFact: Vermont single-payer was scrapped because it was going bankrupt? No, it was never implemented … Vermont adopted legislation for single-payer in 2011. But by 2014, Vermont’s governor abandoned the plan, saying the tax increases it needed would have been too high. … We rate Duffy’s statement False.

– Community Clinic funding headed for ‘cliff’ without congressional action

– Dane County receives grant to defend immigrants in danger of deportation: $100K Vera Institute of Justice provided the Safe Cities grant

– Milwaukee drug bust: 18 arrests, $1.3 million seized in nationwide trafficking operation

– Sheriff: Jail help wanted, More corrections officers sought as population rises

MINING ^top^
– Digging in: Proposed mine and legislation renew fight over economics, environment on Wisconsin-Michigan border … It’s easy in politically polarized Wisconsin to see most disputes as partisan ones. The mine is not one of those. … [in Marinette,] No one refers to it as the Back Forty, the name given to the project by Aquila Resources … it’s just “the mine,” and once bar owner Terry Walker starts to talk about it, it doesn’t take long for his patrons to chime in. “We do not want it,” Walker said, punctuating his point with an unlit Marlboro cigarette. “We do not need it here.” … Outside, there’s a sign: “Save the Menominee River,” with the letters “NOMINE” highlighted in red. There are a lot of signs like that in Marinette and the surrounding area — about 35 of them placed in front of homes on a 28-mile stretch of Highway 180 … Aquila has spent about $70 million over the last decade developing the Back Forty site … applied with the state of Michigan to operate a seven-year, open-pit sulfide mine, but … could operate for 16 years with an amended permit to allow mining below ground. [mining process details] … Baldwin said, that the Michigan DEQ is the same agency blamed for the Flint water crisis. “I don’t trust them, and neither do the people of Wisconsin,” Baldwin said. … To pursue the same kind of project in Wisconsin, it would face a steeper climb. [Mining Moratorium law, Tiffany-Hutton repeal] … A Tiffany aide did not respond … but Tiffany has discussed the bill in opinion columns, TV appearances and a recent public hearing in Ladysmith. … On “Upfront,” Tiffany said he has heard from some exploratory companies that the moratorium law is a “deal killer,” and they would explore in the state if it were repealed. … bipartisan group of four state lawmakers representing northeastern Wisconsin introduced a resolution to oppose the project in July, but no legislative action has been taken. Dems Sen. Hansen, Rep. Stuck, RDA’s Conrad, Aquila’s Lessard, River Alliance’s Krueger, Coalition to Save the Menominee River’s Burie, Menominee chair Besaw, other residents comment.

– Steelworkers looking for answers from D.C … 5 month [US Commerce] study was supposed to be finalized towards the end of July. … to answer the question of, does illegal steel dumping jeopardizes national security. Lawmakers say it’s having a negative impact on Keewatin Taconite on the Iron Range, and has union members demanding immediate action.

– Duluth School Board Joins [ALA’s] “Lethal Lure” Campaign … aimed at reducing products such as menthol and other flavored tobacco commodities that appeal to young people.

– Chippewa Valley Regional Airport receives $570K grant, Federal funds earmarked for upgrades and equipment purchases

– CT Editorial: Wisconsin won’t be Foxconned for long

– WSJ Editorial: Workforce challenge is job No. 1

– Dave Zweifel: Trump’s health secretary is undercutting Americans’ health

– Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch: Investing in all our workers, including our inmates

– Christian Schneider: The ‘Make America Great Again’ crowd finally turning their backs on Trump

– Christian Schneider: Tony Evers would take Wisconsin backward on teacher discipline

– Ernst-Ulrich Franzen: Who wants to go to war over North Korea?

– Dave Kendall: Moderation is key, especially with politics

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