Gov. Scott Walker vetoed the Joint Finance Committee’s power to review the release of $252.4 million in general obligation bonds for I-94 north-south as part of the $3 billion Foxconn bill he signed Monday.

Under the bill, the state has to receive federal money before the bonds could be released. Once the federal aid was received, the DOT would have to submit a request to the JFC to spend the money, triggering the committee’s review process. That includes the option to vote to deny the release of the bonds.

Walker wrote in his veto message the provision would have hindered the state’s ability to attract the federal money with what the guv called a “redundant” review after the Legislature already approved borrowing the money by signing off on the bill.

Walker also vetoed two other provisions:

*allowing a town adjacent to a city or village in the electronics and information technology manufacturing zone to incorporate if the town approves via referendum. Walker’s partial veto means the section would only apply to a town adjacent to a village in the zone. He wrote there was the potential for “uncertainty and disruption” for a city and town that are considering a boundary agreement.

*prohibiting a city or village from annexing a town that has begun incorporation proceedings until 30 days after a petition to incorporate has been dismissed, appeals have been exhausted or an incorporation referendum has been held. Walker wrote the “broad prohibitions” may create “uncertainty and delay” for economic development.

Read the guv’s veto message:

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