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Brookfield, Wis. — U.S. Senate candidate and state Sen. Leah Vukmir issued the following statement Thursday in response to liberal Sen. Tammy Baldwin cosponsoring a bill that would prohibit states, like Wisconsin, from enforcing their own right-to work laws.

“Once again, Tammy Baldwin says one thing and does another. She says she wants a ‘Made in America’ economy but then supports a bill that prevents that from happening. Businesses will not stay in Wisconsin if Tammy Baldwin has her way; they’ll flee.

“We have vastly improved our state’s economy. Gov. Walker and I have worked together since 2011 to make Wisconsin open for business. We made Wisconsin’s job climate friendlier by ensuring workers are no longer required to join labor unions. Because of Right-to-Work, businesses want to come to Wisconsin — take Foxconn for example.

“Government should not force people to lose more of their hard-earned dollars through union dues when taxes are already gouging their paychecks.

“This act proves that Tammy Baldwin would rather stand with labor bosses and Washington elites rather than hard-working Wisconsinites and small business owners. We need new representation in Washington, and my proven record of reform makes me well-suited for the job.”

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