Contact: Joseph B. Hines
Department of Wisconsin
Veterans of Foreign Wars
[email protected]

The Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) calls for the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission (PFC) to reverse its decision to downgrade preference points awarded to military veterans when applying for positions in the Milwaukee police and fire departments. Wisconsin VFW Commander Mike Eggleston states that “the decision by the PFC is the wrong approach at the wrong time. After many years of providing military veterans an incentive to apply for careers in the Milwaukee community, the PFC is now sending the message that the training and sacrifice made by veterans is not what they are looking for.”

The VFW has over 30,000 members, many of whom have used the point system to secure long and successful careers as police officers and fire fighters, not only in Milwaukee but throughout the state. While many colleges now give military training credits toward college degrees, the PFC has embarrassed itself by downgrading the value of military service. We hope they will soon realize that highly competitive candidates with skill sets that translate well to the demands of these positions will be looking to other more veteran friendly departments in order to continue their service to the community.

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