Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in 2020, says Democrats in Wisconsin and around the country must change to win elections in the future.

“I think after 2016 there is one clear message,” Garcetti said on “UpFront with Mike Gousha,” produced in concert with WisPolitics.com. “We can’t just play defense. We can’t just say who we are. We need to say what we’re going to do.”

Garcetti was in Wisconsin to deliver the keynote address at the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s annual convention. Garcetti said his message was a simple one.

“Don’t be so obsessed with a Democratic agenda. Let’s be more focused on an American agenda as Democrats,” he said.

Garcetti said mayors are “leading the way” in solving the nation’s problems, but he downplayed speculation he’s considering a bid for the White House.

“I’m not thinking about 2020. I want to see races here in the Midwest turn the right way in the House,” Garcetti said. “I think that work is much more urgent than who we’re going to run for president.”

Also on the show was David Yankovich, the Ohio native who recently moved to Kenosha County to run against Speaker Paul Ryan in the 1st Congressional District. A Democrat, Yankovich filed papers last week.

Yankovich acknowledged that as a newcomer, he would have to work hard to win the confidence of district voters.

“I have to take that challenge on, talk to everybody I can, and earn it. It’s going to come down to earning the trust,” he said.

Yankovich said his mother’s recent health problems prompted him to move from Ohio and challenge Ryan. He criticized Ryan’s support of the American Health Care Act, the legislation approved by House Republicans that would replace the Affordable Care Act. He said health care will be a focus of his campaign.

“It should be a fundamental right that people should be able to have care in this country.”

Yankovich’s website refers to him as “a nationally recognized progressive voice,” but said he would expect to be greatly outspent should he face Ryan in the general election.

“I’m anticipating a colossal fight,” he said.

Another Democrat, iron worker and former Wisconsin legislative candidate Randy Bryce, is expected to announce his candidacy soon.

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