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(Madison, WI)—Economic experts, journalists and government leaders will explain why Wisconsin’s economy grew faster and created more jobs than its neighbors during the tenure of the state’s longest serving governor, Tommy G. Thompson, at the May 23rd, [email protected] Public Policy Symposium at the State Capitol.

“Based on my research and interviews looking back on Gov. Thompson’s 14-year tenure, it’s evident he had a formula that translated into remarkable economic success for the state,” said Wisconsin Technology Council President Tom Still, author of the historical perspective which will be available online ( beginning May 23 in conjunction with the symposium.  “A combination of personality traits, leadership decisions, vision, policy initiatives, hard work and old-fashioned luck were part of the formula.”

Next week Tuesday, beginning at 9:00 on May 23rd, the State Capitol’s Grand Army of the Republic Hall (Room 413 North) will feature, [email protected]: A Public Policy Symposium. The limited seating event and will be both free and open to public, with advanced registration highly-recommended. Advanced registration can be found by clicking here, [email protected]: A Public Policy Symposium,” or visiting, “”

Authors of the academic review which will also be available online beginning May 23rd, Drs. David J Ward and Bruce Siebold conclude their report with the following summary:

It seems clear to us that this effort and focus on manufacturing and the good paying jobs in that sector was critical to preserving middle class jobs and positioning the State of Wisconsin as a major manufacturing power in the global economy.
The economic recovery during the Thompson years and the prosperity of that period positioned Wisconsin for competitive economic performance in the coming century. The Governor not only helped to revive the prime economic driver of manufacturing, but also his efforts led to prosperity and growth in emerging sectors including biotechnology and other science based industries. His policies further strengthened the agricultural sector maintaining the state as a global supplier of agricultural products. His vision in such wide-ranging areas as stem cells and global trade is a tremendous legacy that the state continues to build upon.

Dr. Ward will be presenting the results of the economic study he coauthored which, “… captures the highlights of the Governor’s record and success in the economic turnaround that restored Wisconsin to the status of star of the Snow Belt,” at the symposium.  Joining Dr. Ward in discussing the economy and job creation during the Gov. Thompson era will be the author of the historical perspective, Tom Still and former member of the Thompson Administration and current CEO of CUNA Mutual, Bob Trunzo.

The [email protected]: A Public Policy Symposium will focus on key policy innovations in the following areas: welfare reform, school choice, the economy and job creation.  In each of these

three key policy areas, presenters have produced two published works: an academic analysis of the impact of key policy initiatives and, a journalistic-styled historical perspective on the development of these innovations.  In addition, Craig Gilbert of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will provide insight into Governor Thompson’s electoral legacy.

The year-long [email protected] project was launched by alumni and colleagues of Gov. Thompson, and will feature several high-profile events throughout the year. This effort is chaired by Governor Thompson’s closest advisor, former Secretary of Administration James R. Klauser. Many other Thompson administration alumni are also donating their time and talents to the project. Generous support from foundations, individuals and corporations are helping offset the costs associated with the academic papers, journalistic histories and a documentary. The Executive Director of the [email protected] project is former State Representative Michelle Litjens.

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