Third Space Brewing, a fast-growing Milwaukee-based craft beer producer, is aiming to double its production capacity with upgraded equipment and a new distribution partnership.

The company opened its doors in September 2016, and began canning its beer in March of this year. In its first full year, co-founder Andy Gehl says the brewery exceeded production goals, and will have sold about 2,200 barrels. Third Space also hired three full-time and 11 part-time employees.

“We had a really amazing first year,” he told “Demand has been growing — that’s why we’re expanding.”

By increasing its capacity with bigger tanks — two 90-barrel fermentation tanks and one 90-barrel “bright” tank for storing and chilling the beer — the brewery plans to hike yearly production to 7,500 barrels. It’s located near Marquette University at 1505 W. St. Paul Ave.

“We need this capacity in 2018, because in peak times in summer, you need increased capacity,” Gehl said. “We’re expecting to significantly increase on that 2,200 barrels in 2018.”

The bigger tanks and a new whirlpool vessel in the brewhouse will allow Third Space to increase efficiency by brewing up to three batches in a single day, Gehl said.

“That allows us to produce a lot more beer in a shorter time frame so we can meet increased demand,” he said.

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