[Madison, WI] Since the release of the Department of Justice report, and through subsequent conversations with legislators, it has become abundantly clear to me that as appointees, Administrators Haas and Bell will never receive the votes necessary for senate confirmation, which has been the case throughout their tenures.

Any leftover remnants of the partisan GAB will never have the confidence of the public to
ensure complete non-partisanship in the administration of elections or the oversight of
government ethics.

Therefore, it is now appropriate for Administrators Haas and Bell to step down from their
respective positions, and allow the search to commence for permanent replacements. This search will be conducted by the respective bipartisan Commissions themselves, or by the Joint Committee on Legislative Organization, pursuant to Wis Stats 15.61(1)(b)1 & 15.62(1)(b)1.

Absent resignations, I will take up Administrators Haas and Bell’s appointments during the
senate’s January floor period, and senators will have the opportunity to be responsive to their constituents and cast an up or down vote.

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