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“Wisconsin deserves a state budget that is fair and promotes opportunities in our communities. While the agenda is not full of big ticket budget items, we are voting on an item of significance in the Bluffview Sanitary District in the 27th Senate District. Without the Clean Water Hardship Fund the future of this community is in question. Governor Walker eliminates the program in his budget. Bluffview Sanitary District in Sauk County is depending on the Clean Water Fund Hardship program to bring its wastewater treatment facility into compliance with DNR regulations. We are hoping Republicans see the value in supporting the smaller communities of our state in need of assistance.”

Bluffview Sanitary FAQs

  • Repairs needed to come into compliance were estimated to cost $2 million in 2012, and must now be updated with new engineering because of the length of time since the last estimate.
  • With annual sewer revenues of only $100,000 and fixed costs in excess of $85,000 the current sewer rates will not be sufficient to cover debt service for a large loan.
  • The median household income for Bluffview is $19,792, the lowest on the Clean Water Fund project priority list. (There are 300 households)
  • If the Governor’s elimination of the hardship fund goes through, and even if Bluffview can find other sources of funding, the residents would be responsible for debt service of a loan in excess of $1.5 million.  A rate increase of more than 100% would be required even for a zero interest loan.
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