In Wisconsin, Democrats continue to struggle to recruit serious gubernatorial candidates to run in 2018, and today’s news continued that trend. Out-of-Touch Democrat Andy Gronik announced his run for governor this morning, but a quick glance at his record and rhetoric shows why Wisconsin voters can’t trust him to lead or take his campaign seriously.

As the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel recently reported, Gronik, through Stage W, has highly questionable connections to Mark Iola, who was once sued under racketeering laws. Gronik also recently commissioned a poll in the state that embarrassingly referred to Wisconsinites as “Wisconsinians.”

Gronik again demonstrated his out-of-touch persona during an interview with the Associated Press this morning, in which he offered nothing but far-left policies that would push the state towards the extreme, including his focus to restore collective bargaining that has saved taxpayers billions, and put Big Labor Union Bosses, not the people, back in charge of the state’s direction.

While Governor Scott Walker has achieved meaningful reform for the people of Wisconsin, including guiding the state to its lowest unemployment rate in 17 years, Gronik only offers policies that would take the state backwards. Andy Gronik would be a disaster for Wisconsin and ruin the state’s positive progress.

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