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MADISON – State Representative Leon Young (D-Milwaukee) strongly opposes many of the provisions contained in the State Budget. The budget, in its present form, is clearly skewed in favor of the rich and corporate interests in our state. Governor Walker’s 2017-19 budget proposal, is a shameful example of trickle-down economics and does little to improve the economic lot of most working-class families.

More specifically, here are some of the many reasons I oppose this budget. To begin with, it does nothing to address the high unemployment for African-American males, who continue to languish far behind other demographic populations in this state. Moreover, contrary to Republican perception, people of color want JOBS, not a public handout. Moreover, they want fairness and equal pay for equal work.

In addition, this budget is totally irresponsible and provides no long-term solution for transportation funding. The budget would borrow about $400 million over the next two years, which is less than the $500 million Walker called for, but would also result in delays for some major road work projects, including the Zoo interchange. This is not only bad for the City of Milwaukee, but for the economic health and vitality of the entire state.

Equally egregious, the Republican-majority rejected Walker’s proposal to increase a tax credit of more than $20 million for the working poor. But yet, these same lawmakers were eager to cut taxes paid by businesses on certain property by about $74 million a year.

“In final analysis, Walker’s budget (as amended by the Joint Finance Committee) is basically more of the same old stuff. Tax cuts/tax breaks for businesses and the wealthy, while poor and middle class families are left in the wake,” Young asserted.


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