Rep. Chris Taylor, 608-266-5342

MADISON – Last night, Assembly Republicans once again passed a budget that is rigged against working families in favor of special interest giveaways and tax cuts for the most wealthy instead of creating an economy that works for Wisconsin working families. Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) released the following statement:

“This budget is rigged in favor of the wealthy. Instead of creating an economy that works for most working Wisconsin families, Republicans continue to prioritize an economy that works only for those at the top. The pillar of their economic platform is more tax breaks for the most wealthy, which this budget again contains.

“Republicans eviscerate fair, middle-income wages for construction workers on state public works projects, which the Wisconsin Taxpayer Alliance predicted would result in a 44% wage cut and result in more workers needing safety-net programs like FoodShare and health care subsidies. But, they can find $4 million for airport improvements so private jets can land close to a golf course owned by a major GOP donor!

“Rather than making up for historic GOP cuts to public school classrooms where most Wisconsin children are educated, they continue to divert millions of public dollars to unaccountable private schools where students perform no better academically than students in public schools. The only thing these unaccountable private schools have done for our state is increase property taxes and racial segregation.

“Republicans have abandoned the ABCs of governing and budgeting which should always be About Building Communities in a real, sustained way, instead of constant giveaways to the very few people at the top.”

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