Rep. Patrick Snyder (608) 266-0655
Rep. Steve Doyle (608) 266-0631

MADISON –The Speaker’s Task Force on Foster Care is set to hold its second public hearing beginning at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 in Dodgeville. The committee will hear from local experts and members of the public on the issues and challenges they face when working with the foster care system.

“As we are tasked with finding solutions to improve our foster care system, it is important we hear from those who are impacted directly,” said Representative Snyder. “We received a lot of great input at the Wausau hearing from members of the community, I am hoping we will receive the same in Dodgeville.”

The task force will hear from a number of local county health and human service departments and other service organizations within the community. Following invited speakers, the committee will accept testimony from the public.

“These public hearings are a way for us to gather a variety of perspectives on this issue,” said Representative Doyle. “I am looking forward to the continued work of the task force as we travel the state over the next couple of months.”

Following the Dodgeville hearing, the task force will continue to tour the state to receive feedback from foster care children, parents, stakeholders, and experts. The committee is tasked with crafting a package of legislative recommendations to present before the state Legislature.

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