Representative John Macco,  (608) 266-0485

De Pere…Today the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) unveiled a plan to implement a District of Innovation for school districts in Brown County. Representative John Macco (R – Ledgeview), a lead proponent of the measure, released the following statement:

“We need to unleash our school districts,” said Rep. Macco. “Brown County is rich in the quality of educational opportunities given to our constituents, and this DPI announcement of a District of Innovation here is a way to further unleash the potential.”

The Districts of Innovation Concept was developed by Representative Eric Genrich (R – Green Bay), Achieve Brown County and Rep. Macco brainstorming ideas on how to allow area school districts the flexibility to try new techniques that may not be in line with regulations from Madison.

This model would be revolutionary as it will allow school districts the ability to apply for waivers from regulations if they present a plan on how they can achieve better outcomes than expected by DPI. School Districts could become laboratories of innovation on new techniques in education and student enrichment.

“Let’s give our school districts the opportunity to try something bold and better,” continued Rep. Macco. “Time and time again we hear businesses say regulations from Madison hurt businesses and don’t allow them to grow and try new things; how are our schools any different?”

“The spirit of innovation and growth that our area has become known for will continue to prosper in our schools. This will lead us to our goal of making the next generation fully career and community ready.”

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