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Madison, WI – Today the Wisconsin State Assembly passed the First Amendment protection legislation known as the Campus Free Speech Act. Representative Kremer (R-Kewaskum), chief author of the bill, issued the following statement regarding the passage of AB 299 by the Assembly:

“This is a great day for Wisconsin!  I am proud that the Assembly has passed the Campus Free Speech Act in a good faith effort to ensure that college students have the same Constitutional Rights as everyone else in society. It is vitally important that legislators protect the cornerstone of our democracy, the free and open exchange of ideas, especially within the UW System.”

“Repeatedly, we’ve seen students shouted down and silenced by those in disagreement and unconstitutional policies that violate the First Amendment on the books at the UW. The Campus Free Speech Act will end the unconstitutional “heckler’s veto” and create a behavioral shift on campus.  Testimony from student’s during the hearing on AB299 included tales of campus police causing grief for students who were exercising their First Amendment Rights, stories about groups with a mob mentality taking over activities, and conservative groups being shouted down by their progressive liberal counterparts. Passage of this bill in the Assembly chamber moves us one step closer to enshrining free expression protections on Wisconsin’s university campuses.  I call upon my legislative colleagues in the Senate to pass this bill so that it can be sent to the Governor’s Desk for his signature.”

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Campus Free Speech Act Text: AB 299 & Amendment

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