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This week marks Teacher Appreciation Week, a time when we are reminded to thank all of the educators in our lives for all of the hard work they put into educating and caring for our young ones.

There is perhaps no more important issue today than the education of our children. Ensuring that our kids grow up with skills they need to succeed, such as critical thinking and problem solving, it is imperative to the future of our country. We need forward thinkers to get us through the next century.

Although our nation has come a long way since its inception, we still have a lot of work to do, and we will depend on our children for that. We still need to find a cure for diseases such as cancer and AIDS. We need to find a solution to climate change. We still have to find viable long term solutions for renewable energy. There is an enormous amount of progress that still needs to be made.

That is why educators are so important. They set the nation’s future scientists, doctors, nurses, artists, researchers, and teachers on their paths. They set the course of the future for our state and our country.

Right here in the 46th District, we have an example of excellence in teaching. Chris Gleason is the band teacher at Patrick Marsh Middle School in Sun Prairie. He was named Middle School Teacher of the Year in Wisconsin, and was a finalist for 2017 National Teacher of the Year.
Mr. Gleason is just one of the fantastic teachers in the 46th District.

While we take time to thank teachers this week, I think it is important to recognize that they deserve our gratitude every single day of the year. Their work is tireless, and often goes underappreciated. They work hard for our kids and for our communities.

To all educators, past and present, thank you for all you have done.

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