Contact: Olivia Hwang

Madison, Wisconsin—Today, Assembly Democrats challenged Republicans to address the creation of good-paying jobs in Wisconsin with a package of legislation aimed at job creation, workforce training, equal pay, and start-ups. Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) and other members of the caucus argued that Assembly Republicans were advocating more for special interests than for Wisconsin families and workers.

“Instead of doing their jobs for the people who elected them, Assembly Republicans are prioritizing special interests and wealthy donors,” said Rep. Barca. They are spending one of our few session days making sure regulations are written to protect wealthy corporations and opening up the constitution to extreme, right-wing ideology. Our priority should be supporting and growing our middle class first and foremost.”

Assembly Democrats are asking for a special session to address workforce training, wages, entrepreneurship and equal pay in Wisconsin in response to continued reports of the state’s poor performance.  This includes rankings that for the third year in a row have placed the state last out of 50 states in start-up activity.

“We’ve heard from families here in Wisconsin that struggle to make ends meet despite working multiple jobs. If you work hard, you should be able to make a comfortable living and care for your family,” Barca said.

Today, Assembly Democrats are proposing the following bills:

  • Resolution on Extraordinary Session on Jobs – Democrats are calling for a special session to address the growing need for family-supporting jobs, a growing middle class and an economy that works for everyone.
  • Angel Investment, AB 39 – This bill would give tax incentives for early stage seed and angel investment.
  • Made in America, AB 297 – This bill would give preference in state and local government contracts for materials manufactured in the United States.
  • Workforce Growth Worker Training, AB 41 – This bill would allocate grants to technical colleges for the purpose of workforce development.
  • Equal Pay, AB 212 – This bill would further equal pay protection in Wisconsin.
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