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Madison…Representative Joan Ballweg (R-Markesan) was proud to have her Assembly colleagues join her today to pass Assembly Bill 253. This good government bill improves the process for the recording of deeds following a sheriff’s sale.

Currently, the process relies on the new owner to record the deed. If a deed is not recorded, this creates confusion because the previous owner will continue to receive the tax bill, delinquent notices, compliance notices and other property related notices. AB 253 fixes this by keeping the entire process within the county.

“AB 253 eliminates confusion by making sure deeds are actually transferred and recorded in a timely manner,” said Ballweg.

In addition, AB 253 requires that all foreclosure sale notices include the street address of the property to be sold and the sum of the judgment.

“These common-sense reforms make the foreclosure sale process more efficient and easier for all those involved in the transaction,” said Ballweg.

AB 253 will now go before the State Senate for consideration.

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