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Last night, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed AB 266, relating to eligibility for the Technical Excellence Higher Education Scholarship Program.

The bill redefines “full time” as six credits, changes “satisfactory progress” to “school-certified progress,” and permits students to regain the scholarship after improving grades, if their GPA fell below 3.0.

“This is a pro-workforce fix to an important scholarship program, and I was proud to coauthor the proposal in the Assembly,” said Rep. Allen.  “Wisconsin is facing crucial demographic shifts in population.  We are facing a growing demand for workers in skilled trades.  The changes in the scholarship program help students keep getting the education they need to succeed.”

The bill mirrors recommendations by the Higher Education Aids Board, and more closely aligns the Technical Excellence Higher Education Scholarship Program with the Academic Excellence Higher Education Program.

The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.

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