Contact: Noel Fritsch
[email protected]

Delavan, Wisconsin – Republican Paul Nehlen today issued a statement on the Republican Party’s effort to tie federal aid for victims of Harvey to future government spending.

“The Swamp in D.C. is holding relief for the victims of Harvey hostage in exchange for their big-government corporate welfare and vote buying schemes with another debt ceiling hike,” Nehlen said, “and it is sickening to watch.”

“If Paul Ryan agrees that the plan to tie the short-term debt ceiling hike to Harvey funding is ridiculous and disgusting as he claims, he will not allow the U.S. House to vote on such a bill, and he’ll demand an untethered Harvey relief bill be returned by the Senate,” Nehlen asserted.

“We should absolutely find a way to care for Harvey’s victims, but not one cent of government spending should be tied to Harvey relief,” said Nehlen.

“The scum leading the GOP have gone full Obama. You never go full Obama,” he concluded.

Paul Nehlen is a turnaround specialist, business executive, and inventor who started on the factory floor, who, with God’s grace and some determination, rose to lead Fortune 500 manufacturing businesses around the world. Nehlen challenged Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s 2016 First Congressional District to stop Trans-Pacific Partnership and secure America’s border. He is waging the battle for Wisconsin’s workers, against the refugee resettlement racket, and lends his voice to the battle for America’s values. He lives in Delavan, Wisconsin.

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