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JANESVILLE, WI – Cathy Myers, a teacher and Janesville School Board member, today announced her campaign to challenge Paul Ryan and represent Wisconsin’s 1st District in the United States House of Representatives.

Throughout his 18-year political career, Paul Ryan has never faced a challenger with a history of electoral success. Cathy Myers currently serves as Vice President of the Janesville School Board. She is in her second term representing Ryan’s home school district and was the top vote-getter in both elections.

“Paul Ryan represents me in Washington and I represent his family in Janesville,” said Myers. “Voters will have a clear choice between a community leader and a career politician who seems to have forgotten his small-town roots.”

“When I saw Paul Ryan and Donald Trump celebrating the passage of a health care bill that would throw 23 million Americans off their insurance; increase costs for the disabled on Medicaid and seniors on Medicare; and eliminate protections for people with pre-existing conditions, I knew I had to step up for my community,” Myers continued. Like many women, Cathy underwent two routine c-sections, procedures that could qualify as preexisting conditions under the Ryan-Trump plan.

Cathy Myers is a single mother of two, a 23-year veteran high school English teacher, and has been an outspoken community advocate since moving to Janesville in 2009.

Cathy’s parents owned a gas station and gradually expanded their small business into a truck stop then a Harley-Davison dealership. Cathy started working at the truck stop at age 10, and has been an avid Harley rider for over two decades.

Local leaders are already announcing endorsements for Cathy’s campaign against Paul Ryan, including State Senator Janis Ringhand, who also counts Paul Ryan as a constituent.

“Cathy has been a tremendous asset to our community; from her leadership improving our schools to her support of local political candidates, Cathy is someone I know will provide the type of responsive and transparent leadership in Congress that my constituents are longing for,” Senator Ringhand said.

Cathy believes she can match Paul Ryan’s unprecedented war chest with small dollar donations from those threatened by his policies. “If I had a dollar for every hard-working American that Paul Ryan is trying to take health insurance away from, we would win this election,” said Myers.

Find out more about Cathy’s campaign for Congress at her website,; Facebook; or Twitter @CathyMyersWI.

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